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CED\ED Coating Plant

pon Engineers Pvt Ltd offers Electro Coating Technology which is continuously relied upon to meet the challenges of today’s competitive surface finishing market. Electro coating offers significant advantages over other finishes.

The ability to coat complex surface evenly allowing end users to maximize performance and minimize cost.

Closed loop rinsing allows transfer efficiency in excess at 95%, with dramatically reduced waste water streams.

Electro coating technology used worldwide to achieve high quality low cost finishes, at a level of efficiency and environmental compliance no other finishing method approaches.

It is an immersion coating process used to apply a thin controlled coating on metal parts. The coating material is a water based solution that is applied by dipping the parts into a paint filled tank and applying electrical current to create a flow from a set of electrodes to the part. The flow of current creates opposite polarity between the working electrode, the part and causes the paint solids in the bath to deposit on the surface parts.

Electro coat systems are highly automated and provide exceptional correction protection with modest environmental emissions like other surface coating process.