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Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant

Pon Engineers Pvt Ltd offers Conveyorised Powder Coating Systems are designed for higher volume operations. Belt conveyor, Chain-on-edge conveyor and overhead conveyor are used in powder coating systems.

The most common type of conveyor for powder coating is the continuous speed, overhead system. These systems use a conveyor drive to power the product through the system with a fixed or adjustable line speed. Proper design and construction are the first steps towards a successful and profitable powder coating system. Each powder coating system is unique in both design and application based on the specification the user provides to the powder equipment.

Supplier determine the parameters of the system design. Information should always include All part dimensions, Line speed, Film builds requirement, Type of hooks, Conveyor height, dimensions of space provided for system installation. Production schedule based on batch sizes and number of colors involved and projected production requirement for the future. This enables the equipment supplier to design a system to exact specification for many years of utilization.