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Liquid Painting Plant

Liquid industrial coatings are often applied on automated paint line. The three major components of a paint line are pre treatment, application and cure. The exact nature of a particular paint line and the specific equipment used is determined by the job to be done. It can range from a simple spray booth with a batch oven for cure to a fully automated system that allows continuous pre treatment, application and curing.

The actual layout and specific equipment vary widely but all paint lines have the same general stages: loading area, pretreatment or cleaning stage, curing stage and unloading area.

The loading and unloading stages are where parts are put on and taken off the paint line. The pretreatment stage is where the parts are prepared for the coating application stage.

Cleaning can be done mechanically such as blasting or chemically by solvent washing, solvent wiping or dipping, after cleaning the parts are dried by heat or forced air or a combination of the two so that they are ready to be painted

Paint can be applied by spray method using conventional hand held spray guns, automatic spray guns. The spray equipment can be either non-electrostatic or electrostatic.

The curing stage is where the paint film is formed paints can be cured by air drying or heating oven for heating are conventional gas fired, electric and infrared etc.